Taylor Swift: Denies Marriage and Property Rumors, Beau Gushes about Her, News from The 1989 Tour!

Taylor has been performing to full houses since the very first day of her 1989 tour and Nashville is the place where she always had the best shows. However, this time things looked a little bleak. It wasn’t that Taylor didn’t perform good enough to make the fans happy, but because there were some problems with the show tickets.

WTFV informed that thousands of fans were turned away from the gate of the Bridgestone Arena were Taylor Swift was performing because they were in the possession of counterfeit tickets.

There was one particular fan that went on social media to try and nab the person who sold the fake tickets to her. Celeste Ford had found a man on the internet who was ready to sell tickets for the Taylor Swift concert and he was asking only $1000 for them, which was way less then what the other sellers were offering.

Celeste realised when she was at the line to get inside the concert venue that the tickets in her hand were fake. Speaking to WTFV, Celeste said that she didn’t know what made her more devastated; the fact that she lost so much money on fake tickets or that she wouldn’t get to see Taylor Swift performing onstage. In order to nab the man responsible for this, Celeste even uploaded a photo of the seller on her Facebook page.

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