Pokémon Z: Talks about Zygarde’s Different Forms, New Pokémon, And More Details

It has been confirmed that Pokémon Z has been set for a 2016 release and is going to have Zygarde in it. It has also been reported by Vine Report that Zygarde is going to be a part of the game in five different variants.

The first form will be a basic blob like form that is called the Zygarde Core. This part is almost considered to be the brain version for the later forms of the Zygarde. The next stage will see the Zygarde become a cell and will look like flat green blob, called the Zygarde Cell.

Christian Post has reported that in this form it can’t move, but it has learnt how to telepathically communicate. The next form makes it take the form of a dog when it can move at a speed of 60 mph.

After the dog like phase, the Zygarde further evolves to take the shape of a snake. This is also the phase where it can detect its surrounding and understand if there are threats around. The final form is the Mega-evolution after which the Pokémon has powers that are more advanced than that of the Yveltal and the Xerneas.

The new Pokémon that Nintendo has developed is believed to be a mythological creature, the third legendary Pokémon after Pokémon Y and X. Fans are of the opinion that the Zygarde’s form is from the Norse mythology. This is supported by Reddit that has information showing that the Zygarde’s forms are very similar to that shown by the children of Loki.

The Great God of Mischief, as Loki is officially referred to, has an uncanny similarity to the Zygarde. While this can be only a baseless rumor, there are many who have carefully studied this similarity and have analyzed the findings to make more sense of it.

The initial 10% developed form of the Zygarde is similar to the Fenrir, while the serpent is like the Jormungand and the Perfect Form reminds of the Hel. With such an elaborate characterization, fans are looking forward to Pokémon Z finally coming into the market.

Those who are reading the information available on the internet, regarding the Pokémon Z, should be aware that they are all speculations and rumors. Nintendo hasn’t come out to give out any information regarding the release date of the game or the updates.

The news about a new Pokémon being featured in the game was first revealed by CoroCoro, a Japanese magazine. iDigital Times has reported that the Zygarde is going to be the main focus of the plot for the game.

Nintendo is planning on releasing the game in 2016. While there has been no confirmation about this, J. C. Smith, the Director of Consumer Marketing of the Pokémon Company International has revealed that they have a lot of plans for the coming year.

While declining to give out any more information, Smith did inform the fans that the plans for Pokémon on the anniversary year of 2016 lies beyond just the Pokémon Tournament. For the fans who don’t want to wait until the next year to lay their hands on something new from the world of Pokémon, there are the games like Pokken Tournament on Wii and Pokemon Go, which can be played on both Android and iOS devices.

Apart from the Zygarde, there is going to be another Pokémon that will be launched in the adaptation of the popular anime Pokémon. This new Pokémon is going to be called Ash-Greninja.