Pokémon Z: Talks about Zygarde’s Different Forms, New Pokémon, And More Details

This new Pokémon is a variant of Greninja that belonged to Ash, the Pokémon handler in the popular anime. IGN reports that with the Greninja, the strong bond that is shared between the Pokémon and the handler is brought out. It doesn’t stop there; the Pokémon is also believed to have a color similar to the clothes that Ash wears.

The new characters that will be introduced in Pokémon Z are going to be seen in the new Pokémon series that comes out in October 29th on Tokyo TV. This news has been reported by the Anime News Network and fans are earnestly waiting for the Zygarde and the Ash-Greninja to be unveiled.

J.C. Smith has also started a rumor with his cryptic reference to flower in an interview when asked about what’s in store for Pokémon Z. This reference some fans believe is to the Eternal Flower Floette and that it is going to feature in the upcoming game.

After the mention of the flower, hackers tried to find out if the Eternal Flower exists and found out that it is there in the un-mined data section. There are several YouTube videos doing the rounds that can help unearth it.

Fans of Pokémon Z are excited that Floette might be available in the upcoming game. Leave a comment and tell us what you think. Stay tuned for additional news, reports and updates from the world of technology.