Apple iPhone 7 Promises to be Water-Proof, Plans to Use a Different Material in the Body, And More

The rumors surrounding the next-generation iPhone 7 smartphone just keep on coming and there’s no indication of any stop to it. The Apple iPhone 6S was released recently, but people have already started discussing the next major upgrade in the Apple iPhone series.

The rumor which can be heard everywhere right now is that Apple plans to make the iPhone 7 waterproof.  The rumor was released from a China-based source on the country’s social media network, known as Weibo.

According to the source, Apple will be using a stronger non-metallic casting in the iPhone 7 which will give it a strong and durable waterproof frame. With the addition of the waterproof feature, users who are pretty much clumsy about their smartphones can finally breathe a sigh of relief.

At the same time, the potential buyers who were afraid of acquiring this pricey device for fear of damaging it later on should be happy with the new feature as well.

Furthermore, according to, Apple iPhone 6S is the last device to sport a metallic casting on the device. The website further reported that Apple has been looking for some time into other efficient materials they can use on their upcoming iPhones.

Besides the waterproof feature, there are other rumors involving different specs on the iPhone 7. One of them claims that it will be using an A10 system on a chip which will be located at the heart of the smartphone and will employ an extremely thin frame with 6mm of thickness.

A 2K display will also be featured on the iPhone 7, besides an 8MP front camera, front facing speakers and Apple Wireless charging puck. PC Advisor further states that Apple will follow its pattern of a fall release for the upcoming iPhone 7 model in 2016.

This reliable and popular technology site based in UK that the iPhone 7 will probably release on Tuesday, September 9 or September 16 in the next year. The site doesn’t provide any details regarding a US release, but they are reported to be releasing on the same day since that is what happened with the iPhone 6S as well.

Meanwhile, it always seems like we wait a long time for the next-generation iPhone model to finally release. This is probably because of two reasons: Either it’s the end of the year or maybe because at present, rumors for the next-generation device start immediately after the launch of the present generation.

In some cases, things begin much earlier. For example, we have been hearing about speculations involving iPhone 7 even before the release of the iPhone 6S.

Meanwhile, in case of the iPhone 6S, most of us knew about its features beforehand. These days the rumor mill churns out incredibly accurate results and most of them turn out to be true later on. As a result, there are not too many surprises.

Apple created the iPhone 6S as a refinement of all the features that were offered in the iPhone 6. Apple engineers tweaked the iPhone 6 in various places core features and qualities along with user experience. However, the biggest change between these handsets is the new introduction of Force Touch Technology.

Thanks to the new A9 chipset and 2GB of memory, the processing power has significantly increased. Apple also introduced a new update for the IOS 9 users and it fixed a number of issue and problems with the new software version.