Apple iPhone 7 Promises to be Water-Proof, Plans to Use a Different Material in the Body, And More

It fixed an issue where some of the users could not complete setup assistant before updating. At the same time, an issue where alarms and timers sometimes failed to play has been fixed as well.

Sometimes, pausing videos could cause the paused frames to appear distorted in Safari and Photos and this has been rooted out. People also suffered from the loss in cellular data in users with a custom APN setup via a profile. This has been fixed as well.

In other news, rumors involving a stronger body over the iPhone 6S keeps continuing with people. Apple iPhone 6S presently makes use of series 7000 aluminum which is considered to be one of the strongest metals out there, at the moment.

Reports indicate that the same series 7000 aluminum is utilized by the aerospace industry as well. Apple used this technology in order to put an end to the Bendgate issue which plagued a lot of iPhone 6 Plus users around the world.

The report further indicates that the extremely tough chassis in the iPhone 7 will not allow water to seep into it which necessarily means that the device will water-resistant and water-proof at the same time.

Meanwhile, a custom torture test was conducted on the iPhone 6S and the iPhone 6S Plus by submerging the devices under water for about 60 minutes. Surprisingly, both of them worked out fine. Users, keep in mind that none of these devices come with an IP rating. Don’t start chucking in your phones into the water just yet!

Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPhone 7!