Major Clash of Clans Updates Coming In October during ClashCon, More Details

If you are a Clash of Clans gamer, it’s time to get excited as big things are heading your way. This game will be getting updates that will improve the overall gaming experience and make it more appealing to Clashers all over the world.

It was earlier reported by GottaBeMobile that in the upcoming month of October, Supercell will be holding the first ever Clash of Clans event. It will introduce updates with a lot of exciting changes while it takes place in Helsinki, Finland on 24th October.

Gamers are already predicting that the update will have something to do with the addition of Town Hall 11 but officials details regarding the update is yet to be revealed by the developers. If the Town Hall gets an update, it is highly probable that your troops will get an update as well, like a Dragon Level 6 or a Wizard Level 7.

During the October, there shall also be a Clan War event. In this particular feature, the victorious clan will face a member of a different clan that also emerged as the winner.

Overall, the tournament will be following a bracketed system. Furthermore, you must have noticed there are four empty slots in the Dark Barracks that say ‘coming soon’.

From the looks of it, the developers should be filling them up now, while bringing new changes, powers and improvements. Besides this, rumors also suggest that a new single player map will also be added along with new quests and achievements. Besides the Barbarian King and the Archer Queen, a new hero can also be added.

Although the event is weeks away, Supercell has already introduced a few updates for the month of September. Supercell introduced maintenance breaks for Clash of Clans on 22nd and 23rd September. It was during this time that the developer introduced updates like the Lightning Spells Level 6 and also the Blue Lightning Level 11 walls turning into Lava Walls.

At the moment, Town Hall 10 can update the Lightning Spells to Level 7. Further updates were also introduced in Freeze, Poison and Earthquake Spells. Right now, the Clash of Clans is highly important for Supercell, considering the upcoming ClashCon event scheduled to be held in 24th October, Helsinki.

An event like this also raises a lot of questions and inquiries regarding the conventional concepts of casual and hardcore gameplay and also the importance of building a community.  It presents a huge potential for Clash of Clans along with the complete eSports Territory.

Recently reached out to Marika Appel, community manager at Supercell for Clash of Clans and there was a discussion regarding the wider importance of the upcoming event. She was questioned regarding the casual and hardcore nature of Clash of Clans.

Marika replied that the complete Clash of Clans fan-base is quite genuine and certainly very dedicated. There is a line between casual and core gamers, but it’s not as clear as it should be or as they thought it once was. According to her, many players take part in the game quite casually but there are many more that play it quite seriously with a dedicated attitude.

There are gamers who have built relationships with clan members, set-up meets locally and is always looking for ways through which they can play and strategize. She was asked if the event has been created to reveal the rise of Clash of Clans in the eSports scene.