Tales of Berseria: Story Details Revealed in the Latest Trailer, New Character Added in the Game!

Players embark on a journey in Tales of Berseria while they assume the role of Velvet. She is a young woman who was once gentle in nature but then it was replaced and she was overcome with intense anger and hatred.

This occurred after a traumatic experience which occurred three years prior to Tales of Berseria. Her left hand was imbued with a special ability as well. As Velvet travels the world, she will come across a wide-range of amazing environments. This will all take place in the all-new adventure which has been developed by the celebrated team behind the Tales series.

Velvet will also come across a wide range of new characters and this includes a young boy named Laiphaset. Laiphaset has been created in an image of light while Velvet is an embodiment of darkness. The former will be an ally to the latter.

The many interesting characters of this game will be created by Mutsumi Inomata, Kosuke Fujishima, Minoru Iwamoto, and Daigo Okumura, the veteran character designers of the Tales series.

Light and Darkness will be a prime part of this game but it won’t be the main part of this game. That will be enjoyed by Emotion and Reason. Velvet is a character that relies on strong emotions but Berseria is primarily filled with characters that use reason over emotion.

Stay tuned for updates on Tales of Berseria!