Jared Leto is the New Face of Gucci Guilty Fragrance, Suing TMZ over Leaked Video, Co-Stars Report Actor’s Crazy Antics on the Sets of Suicide Squad!

Jared Leto is an American actor, singer, songwriter and director born on December 26, 1971. Leto started his acting career with Television appearances and later rose to fame for the portrayal of the character called Jordan Catalano in the television series My So-Called Life in 1994. He is currently a resident of Los Angeles, California.

The actor is currently in the news after he was announced as the new face of Gucci Guilty Fragrance by Gucci. He has already been the face of Hugo Boss Red and the latest involvement with Gucci adds another name to the long list of brands that he is a part of.

Gucci stated that Leto will star in a brand new campaign which will be shot in Venice, Italyand it will be directed by Alessandro Michele. Just in the recent past, other renowned faces like Chiris Evans and Evan Rachel Woods have been part of ads for fragrances from Gucci.

Leto had dyed his hair green for the role of Joker and speculations are hot in the market whether he will sport the same green colored hair in the ads. Fans interested in getting a sneak peek of Leto in the campaign can visit the official Gucci account where they will be able to find an exclusive Snapchat story by the actor himself.

In other news, Leto has recently sued TMZ for posting a video of him insulting famous singer Taylor Swift in their website. The video shows Leto listening to songs by Taylor Swift in order to get ideas for a song for his band Thirty Seconds to Mars.

After listening for some time the actor-singer could be heard insulting Taylor Swift by saying that he didn’t care about her and her music and also dropping the “F” word while doing so.

After the video went viral, his social media accounts were flooded with messages from angry fans of Taylor Swift who criticized him for his actions. After receiving substantial amount of heat from the Taylor Swift fans community, Leto decided to issue a formal apology to the singer. He took to Twitter to apologize to Taylor Swift and also stated her as being amazing and an incredible example of what is possible.

Regarding the video itself, Leto stated that it was sold by the person who captured it to TMZ for $2000. He added that the person had no right doing so as it was shot at his own residence which makes him the rightful owner of the video.

TMZ had been reportedly alerted by Leto and his team that they did not have any legal right to make the video public, however TMZ decided not to pay any heed to these warnings and posted the video anyway after which it went viral.

Thus, Leto had decided to file a lawsuit against TMZ for unlawfully posting the video and in a statement issued alongside the lawsuit, he said that this step might work towards encouraging more people from abstaining from trafficking of stolen goods.

Suicide Squad in which Jared Leto takes on the role of The Joker is still a few months away from release. Various rumors are doing rounds on the internet regarding his portrayal of The Joker after the late Heath Ledger made more than justice to the role in The Dark Knight movie.

Reports from various sources are stating that while playing the role of The Joker, the actor decided to stay in character even when the cameras were not on him.

A co-actor of Leto, Ike Barinholtz gave confirmation to these claims by stating that the actor would remain in character throughout the whole shoot and would often indulge in insane antics during the shoot which are common for The Joker, the character that he is portraying.