Sylvester Stallone Not Confirmed To Be A Part Of Expendables 4, Filming To Start In China In The Fall, And More

Expendables 4 is still in the process of being decided upon since Sylvester Stallone, the star and executive producer of the franchise is not sure if he will be able to be a part of the upcoming film. Sylvester Stallone had recently won a lot of kudos for his role in Creed. He got an Oscar nomination for his role, after 40 years and there are talks that he might be giving his time to Creed 2.

It was Terry Crews, who was the first one to mention that Sylvester Stallone might not be coming back for Expendables 4. Terry Crews had been part of the Expendables franchise since the first film. When asked if he will be a part of Expendables 4, Terry Crews had made it very clear that he will be joining the film only if Sylvester Stallone comes in.

Crews went on to state that Sylvester Stallone was like his father. He was the one to get Terry Crews into the industry and Crews said that he was a part of the Expendables franchise only because Stallone was in it. Now if he doesn’t come in for Expendables 4, then Crews will also stay away from it.

Creed is almost the sequel to Rocky, which had catapulted him to success.  Terry Crews said that Stallone now has options since he has suddenly been brought into the limelight with Creed.

Creed 2 is expected to start production soon enough and in that case, Stallone will be choosing the film over Expendables 4. With Creed, Sylvester Stallone was able to show off his acting skills and depth, whereas Expendables 4 is an out and out entertainer.

While there are no information on when Expendables 4 will start filming, Randy Couture, has come out to reveal that there are chances that the upcoming installment will start filming in the latter half of 2016. Couture has tagged Schwarzenegger in his post, but he is yet to respond to it.

Master Herald has come out to report that Expendables 4 is going to become a reality and Stallone will also be a part of it. Expendables is like his brain child and he has invested a lot of time and money on it.

He is well aware of the fact that without his character, Barney Ross, the Expendables will not be able to work as a group. Given the fact that the third installment of Expendables didn’t do very well, the whole team is going to go all out to make sure that Expendables 4 is a massive success.

There are reports suggesting that Expendables 4 is going to start filming in China in the fall of this year. While there are no confirmation on this from the studio or Stallone, it looks like a feasible option since Expendables 3 did exceptionally well in China, even though it didn’t do good business in the rest of the world. It earned $40 million worldwide, while in China it did business of $70 million.

With Expendables 4 being shot in China, the movie will get a better market in the country. The Chinese film industry has been booming and in such a situation, the film will be able to cash some success with its focus on China.