Melissa Joan Hart Talks About Her Role in God’s Not Dead 2, Parody On Saturday Night Live Sparks Controversy!

The controversial sequel to God’s Not Dead is on the works and actress Melissa Joan Hart has spoken about her role in it. Melissa Joan Hart said that she was scared of the reaction that her film will garner, but then was quite surprised to see the warm response that came her way from the audience.

Melissa Joan Hart plays the role of a history teacher in high school, Grace Wesley, who is embroiled in controversy after she answers a student’s question about Jesus Christ. She sees herself dragged into a legal battle over the answer she had given.

According to Digital Spy, Melissa Joan Hart was hooked to the script of God’s Not Dead 2, the moment she read it. She said that she loved the story and her character, the moment she finished with the script. She then went on to watch God’s Not Dead and realized that it’s going to be interesting to be part of such a film.

She said that the plot of God’s Not Dead 2 was really good. The film addresses a serious message and deals with a rather controversial topic. However, in spite of it all, the topic is something that needs to be broached and talked about. Melissa Joan Hart went on to state that the God’s Not Dead 2 is an independent film that has surpassed the first one.

She said that viewers can watch the second part even without watching the first one and it has really opened the genre of religious films in Hollywood. The film did attract a lot of controversies, being one that is centered on Christianity, but the positives have far exceeded the negatives.

Saturday Night Live has always been known to make parodies to drive home a point and it did so with God’s Not Dead 2. The popular show is in the midst of a change with many of the old faces leaving and their space being taken over by other great actors, but it did a great job albeit a controversial one, with God’s Not Dead 2.

God’s Not Dead 2 was parodied in Saturday Night Live in a pre-recorded short where Vanessa Bayer played a baker in a small-town is asked to make a cake for a gay couple. She is a devout Christian and based on her conviction refuses to bake the cake. She is informed that she will get a legal notice from the couple’s Jewish lawyer.

The scene moves to a group of official contemplating about the problems that the government faces and the one thing that they agree on is that they will deny goods and services to gay people. This instance from the short is a direct dig on the new law in North Carolina that denies protection to the members of the LGBT community.

Fox News has reported that Pat Boone has come out to state that the parody on God’s Not Dead 2 wasn’t done in the right manner and it serves no purpose except feed cynicism to the American audience. Boone talked about the rampant antipathy that runs towards the Christian and he said that it was wrong of the show to make fun of someone’s faith.

The Saturday Night Live parody also referred to homosexuality and the issues about Judaism, things that God’s Not Dead 2 had nothing to do with. The whole film was made in a way that drove the Christians in a corner with the issue of homosexuality. Boone went on to state that the film was shot in such bad taste that it wouldn’t please even the Jews and the homosexuals.