Melissa Joan Hart Talks About Her Role in God’s Not Dead 2, Parody On Saturday Night Live Sparks Controversy!

There are several critics who have come out to criticize God’s Not Dead 2. The Guardian has reported that the film has a ludicrous plot and one of the most absurd end. The last scene shows the bad guy, an atheist, getting hit by a car while a Christian band asks the audience to text everyone that God isn’t dead.

In spite of it all, the film that was made with $2million, has grossed more than $60 million and has caused the production company, Pure Flix to come up with numerous follow-ups. There are some who claim that God’s Not Dead 2 is a better film than God’s Not Dead, but that doesn’t really make a lot of difference when the first film was really thought to be below average.

The film deals with a high school teacher, whose class on Gandhi and Martin Luther touched upon Jesus Christ and caused her to be taken to court by the high school on the charges of proselytizing.

God’s Not Dead 2 sees new characters, but there are some old players who come in. Amy (Trisha LaFache), the blogger who gets cured of her cancer after starting to believe in God, is also a part of the sequel.

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