Kevin Spacey Says House of Cards Is Prophetic, Nathan Darrow Talks About Meechum, Willimon Leaves As Showrunner, And More

House of Cards is one of the most brilliant shows on television and Kevin Spacey, who plays the role of President Frank Underwood, has come out to reveal that he has planned something thoroughly interesting for the upcoming episodes of House of Cards. Spacey said that there is an uncanny ability of the popular political drama to reflect real life and keeping this in mind, they are going to feature an episode on contested convention.

A contested convention takes place when none of the candidates get a majority vote. Those who are watching the American election drama unfold, will realize that contested convention looks like a possibility at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Belfast Telegraph has reported that while on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Kevin Spacey spoke about the upcoming episodes of House of Cards. He said that every season the whole team sits together and discusses on a story arc and go with it and right before the actually airing of the episode, there is something very similar that happens in real life.

That is when the viewers feel that the show has derived the plotline from the real life, but in reality, the scene had been shot days before the incident could happen in real life. Given this uncanny occurrence every season, Kevin Spacey has planned on something. He said that they are planning on the contested convention episode in House of Cards, in order to try and make it happen in real life.

Given the way things are shaping up in the Presidential election and with the inclusion of Donald Trump in the race for the White House, the House of Cards storyline doesn’t seem far fetched anymore. Kevin Spacey went on joke about the show being prophetic and said that they might include a scene where the government will put aside $965 billion for the National Endowment of Arts and see if it actually works out in real life.

Nathan Darrow, who played the role of Frank Underwood’s loyal bodyguard still hasn’t seen the series after the death of Meechum. He has been very busy with Gotham, Rectify, Billions and the Bernie Madoff movie from HBO and hasn’t been able to binge watch House of Cards. He has strictly asked people not to share the spoilers with him, since he will go back to watching the show once he is free.

Talking about the tragic death of Meechum, Darrow said that his character had a special bond with Kevin Spacey’s Frank. He had pure, unadulterated loyalty towards the President, which was not driven by any interest or about keeping his position safe. For Meechum, being the bodyguard of the President, wasn’t just a job, he felt that there was a certain amount of honor in protecting the President and dying for him.

Both Frank and Meechum shared a relationship that goes deeper than what is seen in the surface. They have a relationship that cannot be pegged in words and definitely cannot be understood by anyone apart from the two of them.

Meechum was, maybe, one of those very few people around whom Frank could be himself. Darrow spoke about the goofiness and fun he had with Kevin Spacey while doing their roles together.

House of Cards Season 4 is currently on air and while it is on, there are reports that House of Cards has been renewed for the fifth season, and it is going to be the final season for the popular drama. Fans will be further disappointed to know that the production for House of Cards Season 5 hasn’t started yet, which means they will have to wait for it to be released.