Kevin Spacey Says House of Cards Is Prophetic, Nathan Darrow Talks About Meechum, Willimon Leaves As Showrunner, And More

Showrunner Beau Willimon has decided to leave the show and will be replaced by someone new. This news has shocked the fans since it was the brilliance of Beau Willimon that would be reflected in every episode of House of Cards since Season 1.

Willimon has assured fans that the new showrunner will follow the series based on the narrative and there aren’t going to be major changes. Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson are going to replace Willimon.

Netflix has released a statement on the occasion of Beau Willimon’s departure stating that the network is highly indebted to the talented showrunner and expressed their gratitude for his strong narration that panned over four seasons of House of Cards. Beau Willimon has received an Oscar nomination and House of Cards was his first brush with television and he went on to create such a popular drama.

Willimon in turn has expressed gratitude to the whole team of Netflix and the cast and writers and all those he had had the privilege to work with. He said that he has left the show in the hands of a very capable team and hopes for more success in the coming days.

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