Supernatural Season 11: Photos Reveal Dean and Sam End Up in Lucifer’s Cage, Fans Question Amara’s Fate!

This might not be all that the next half of Supernatural Season 11 has in store. There was also a short clip that showed that there are words carved on Castiel’s chest. The words I am coming hint that it’s a message.

While some fans believe that it was a message from Amara, indicating that her plot line is going to be dealt with once again in the second half of Season 11.

Some viewers are of the opinion that Amara will not send her message through Castiel and the person who is likely to do so would be God himself. With Lucifer becoming control and set to make an offer to the Winchester brothers that might see him out in the open, God might be coming down to take control of the situation.

If God is the one who will be introduced in Episode 10 of Supernatural Season 11, then that leaves the fans wondering what’s going to happen to Amara.

The synopsis of the upcoming episode reads that Dean and Castiel investigate the smiting that might have killed Amara, but there is a very bleak chance that she is actually dead. There was more potential in her story and viewers have mixed feelings about the writers not focusing on her story in the second half of the season.

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