Super Smash Bros 4: Details on Cloud Strife DLC Coming with December Nintendo Direct Broadcast, Rumors Continue About Shovel Knight’s Appearance!

A previous leak claimed that an additional three new characters will make an appearance with the expansion pack. However, it is unclear at the moment whether Cloud Strife is one amongst the three characters to be added or whether three other characters apart from Cloud Strife will make its way to the game’s playable characters roster after the update.

Rumors are doing rounds on the internet that Shovel Knight is set to make an appearance in the game with the Cloud Strife DLC. Yacht Games, the creator of the character of Shovel knight denied that fact and stated any rumors regarding it to be untrue. However, fans are still hopeful that their favorite character might show up in the game as he has got his own Amiibo.

Some other characters that featured on the wishlist of characters that fans want incorporated into the game include- Dixie Kong from Donkey Kong, Issac from Golden Sun, Inklings from Splatoon, King K. Rool and Ridley from Metroid.

The update will also bring a balance to the game which will enable both hardcore fans of the game as well as casual gamers draw equal amount of pleasure from it. Reports state that Chocobo costumes for Mii fighters might also show up with the upcoming DLC.

Stay tuned for more update on Super Smash Bros 4.