Suits Seasons 5: Aaron Korsh Reveals Who Isn’t the Culprit, Story to Focus On Mike, Harvey to Handle His Case, And More

Aaron Korsh had said in an interview that as a creator, it is not the culprit who interests him, but how Mike will be extricated from that situation. There are chances that Harvey will take up Mike’s case and try to get him out of prison.

Suits Season 5 had focused on Harvey struggling with his depression after Donna’s departure, but things are going to change when Suits Season 5 returns. The show will now focus on Mike’ story and show the reason behind him being imprisoned and the person responsible for this act.

There are chances that Mike’s case is what brings Harvey back in action. So far fans hadn’t seen the Harvey Specter they are used to seeing. Harvey has so far been going for counseling to Dr. Paula Agard. She had been helping him to try to come to terms with his past and get a hang of the changes that his life is going through in the present. With Mike behind bar, Harvey might get back in form and show the world his talent as the best lawyer there in the business.

Fans have an exciting mid season waiting for them. Leave a comment and share your thoughts on Suits Season 5.