HTC One M9: Android 6.0 Marshmallow Update Expected, Users Report Multiple Problems with the Device, And More

Most current-generation Android-powered devices that came with the Android KitKat or Lollipop updates from the factory, have got Android Lollipop v5.1.1 at most, and are waiting for the v6.0 Marshmallow update.

HTC, however, is ahead of the game and plan no bringing the Marshmallow update directly to its premium range of smartphones, including the current-generation flagship model – the One M9.

Apart from bringing in a few major performance upgrades, the Marshmallow update is slated to replace the voice assistant Google Now with Now on tap.

Even though HTC is yet to arrive on a final conclusion regarding the release date of the product, spy images have revealed the first look of the Marshmallow update on the One M9, pointing at an upcoming release date.

HTC had revealed a list of smartphones that are to receive the Marshmallow update at the beginning of December, back in September. With December just around the corner, get ready to welcome the Marshmallow update on the One M9.

The HTC One M9 has been updated with Android Lollipop v5.1.1, which features quite a few bug improvements and updates while some are of the opinion that HTC has also fixed stage fright v2.0, which acted like a portal of sorts for hackers and affected millions of smartphones across the globe.

A recent video has popped up across the internet showcasing the vulnerability of the pattern lock on the HTC One M9, which can be bypassed in two simple steps. The first step is by using the Quick Toggle option on the lock screen. The second step is to toggle Wi-Fi either on or off.

Whatever reason HTC might have for this awkward phenomenon, but the One M9 seems to skip the screen lock every time the Wi-Fi is turned on or switched off. The phenomenon is repeated when the One M9 connects to a Wi-Fi network.

Like most other smartphones running on Android, the HTC One M9 does not feature a default lock screen. In order to add more protection, the users can opt for password protection, pattern lock or fingerprint scan.

A pattern lock is the safest among the three features provided and it requires the user to draw a unique pattern by connecting nine dots that are uniformly placed across the screen. However, some people tend to be really lazy about creating a unique pattern, which makes it easy to guess their password.

Close to half the patterns created start from the upper left corner of the screen while a third of all patterns begin from one of the four corners.

Most users also tend to use just four nodes instead of all nine. Hence, their choices are down to a few hundred. Men and women have a few distinctive patterns that they prefer using, which makes codebreaking easier.

Apart from the safety issue, the HTC One M9 is plagued with quite a few other problems, including rapid battery drain, vibration motor, defective auto-rotate, wake issue, connectivity issues, cracked sapphire glass covering the camera, overheating and slow battery charge.

Of course, every unit does not feature every single problem mentioned above, but these are the most common issues reported by the users so far.

HTC is currently offering a holiday deal on its top of the line products including the One A9, apart from the flagship model, which means that the One M9 can be yours for just $455 while the One A9 sports a price tag of $400.

However, there is a condition that buyers must fulfill in order to avail the discounts. HTC is offering a discount on the total price during checkout. For example, if a customer shops for $650 or more, he or she is eligible for a maximum discount of 30%. If the buyer spends $400, he is eligible for a 20% discount.