Suits Seasons 5: Aaron Korsh Reveals Who Isn’t the Culprit, Story to Focus On Mike, Harvey to Handle His Case, And More

27th January is the date to remember if you are a Suits fan. Suits Season 5 is returning on that day and there are going to be revelations about who has revealed Mike Ross’s (Patrick J. Adams) big secret. Creator Aaron Korsh has already made it clear that the revelation is going to leave the fans shocked.

The fans are never happy with these snippets and scoops that are dropped about their favorite series. They want the answers and they want it now; and if you have someone like Aaron Korsh, then it’s a double bonanza. Aaron Korsh had already made it clear that the person responsible for the sudden turn of events for Mike is someone the fans already know.

This statement by the show-runner of Suits Season 5 made fans very excited since they felt that the one to reveal the old secret of Mike’s might be someone close to him from Pearson Specter Litt law firm and might very well be one of the main six people from the series.

There were speculations that Jessica (Gina Torres) might have been forced to reveal the secret to save her law firm, or it might have been Louis (Rick Hoffman) who would have wanted Mike out of the firm now that he is one of the partners.

Some fans even said that maybe it was Harvey (Gabriel Macht) who had decided to speak out about the fraud instead of carrying around the burden of the secret- an indirect response to his sessions with Doctor Paula Agard (Christina Cole). Others thought that maybe Rachel (Meghan Markle) has got together with her family and gone ahead with some new idea.

Cool down with all these speculations fans, because Aaron Korsh has given a hint about who the culprit isn’t in his recent Twitter post. He had made it very clear that it isn’t Jessica, Louis, Harvey, Jessica or even Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

There was hardly ever any chance of these six going behind Mike’s back to get him into trouble since that isn’t how Suits works. This confirmation has opened the door for what can be in store when Suits Season 5 mid season comes back in January.

There are numerous other candidates for the person who has sent Mike to prison and the trailer for the mid season premiere of Suits Season 5 hints at Trevor (Tom Lipinski) who was the former best friend of Mike. The trailer shows Trevor telling Mike that he is breaking the law everyday and there are chances that Mike’s best friend once upon a time, who is now his enemy might have reported him to the police.

The trailer also hints at another law student that Mike knew, Claire Bowden (Troian Bellisario). Claire was someone who had romantic feelings for Mike. Now with Mike set to get married to Rachel, she might be propelled by jealousy to take the step and reveal Mike’s secret.

The trailer shows her telling Mike that there is going to be a time when everything is going to come crashing down. Speculations suggest that she might take the step to try and sabotage Mike’s marriage with Rachel.

Fans had already suspected Father Sam Walker (Scott Michael Campbell), to whom Mike had confessed this secret while talking about his insecurities about Rachel and his upcoming marriage. However, fans should remember that the laws of confession bind Father Sam Walker from revealing Mike’s secret and he isn’t a likely victim. This, however, hasn’t stopped the creators from hinting at him as a suspect in the upcoming Suits Season 5.