Suits Season 5: Premiere Date Announced, Korsh Reveals Scoops, Plot to Focus On Mike, And More!

Suits Season 5 is set to return on 27th January and the mid season premiere is going to start immediately where it left off in the episode 10. Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) was arrested in the mid season finale of Suits Season 5 when his big secret was revealed.

Mike had always maintained that he had graduated from Harvard with a law degree, but he was just a boy genius with a great memory and a knack for talking his way out of situation. Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) was aware of this little secret, but now it is out at large.

Suits Season 4 had started with Harvey trying to cope up with Donna (Sarah Rafferty) leaving his service after confessing her feelings for him. Donna has been the one who had kept Harvey’s life under control and with her not there to assist him, Harvey starts spiraling into depression. He starts visiting a counselor who has been slowly helping him come to terms with the changes that he has experienced in life by helping him accept his rough past.

However, the trajectory of the plot is now going to change in Suits Season 5. Harvey’s story will be in the back burner while Mike Ross and his trial will be the main plot for the mid season. The first question that fans want answered is, who has revealed Mike’s secret.

Aaron Korsh, the show-runner has said that they have been thinking of revealing this secret of Mike’s for a very long time now and they finally decided to take the plunge in Season 5. With the kind of response that they have received from the viewers, he feels that the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

The viewers were already involved with Harvey and his issues and was looking forward to Mike’s fiancée Rachel (Meghan Markle) working towards planning a huge wedding, when suddenly Mike’s arrest was sprang onto them in the very last minute of the mid season finale.

There has been a lot of speculation about who could be responsible for this. Aaron Korsh himself has said that the viewers will be shocked to find out who it was. Viewers of Suits Season 4 feel that it was Rachel’s parents who were responsible for Mike’s arrest.

They had never been keen on Rachel marrying Mike and Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) himself a lawyer, wouldn’t have tolerated something this unethical in his profession. They might have somehow gotten a wind of Mike’s secret and to stop the family from suffering the humiliation got Mike arrested to prevent the marriage from taking place.

Some fans are of the opinion that the father who had heard Mike’s confession, might be responsible for Mike being in prison. However, Korsh has revealed that Father Sam Walker (Scott Michael Campbell), to whom Mike had gone to talk about his fears and anxieties will be bound by the laws of confession and hence will not be able to snitch about Mike to the police.

Mike’s ex-girlfriend Claire (TroianBellisario) is also being suspected by the viewers since jealousy might be the motif for her to do such a thing. Claire might come back to realize that Mike has made a name for himself and was also set to get married to a very attractive and successful lawyer and this might have caused her to wreck havoc and reveal the big secret.

Aaron Korsh has confirmed that even with the huge secret out, Mike and Rachel’s relationship with sustain this storm. Rachel was aware of this secret that Mike had hid from the world and she will stand by her fiancé in his fight.

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