No Man’s Sky Will Release In June Next Year, Some Technical Problems Emerge, And More!

No Man’s Sky finally received a release window during the Sony conference last week at Paris Games Week. The conference was quite exciting but at the same time, it was quite muted, compared to the conference announcements that took place previously. Compared to the past demonstrations, the recent demo appeared to be a little faded in nature.

People have been asking as to when this game will be released finally and this seemed like a pretty low-key way of answering that question. Meanwhile, it turned out that there is a good reason for the apparent lack of fanfare.

It seems like Hello Games is trying to reduce the high level of hype and bring it to a healthy and properly contextualized level of excitement. People love to travel into space. You will be hard-pressed to find a person, young or old, who isn’t fascinated by the endless wonders of deep space along with the endless levels of exploration it promises.

It’s not possible for everyone to just get up and explore space. It may be reserved for the tremendously rich along with highly-trained astronauts but there is an awesome game which is promising never-ending exploration of space, right from the comfort of your living room.

Hello Games is making No Man’s Sky and needless to say, we are pretty stoked about it. In No Man’s Sky, you are a space explorer and you’ll be exploring space in first person. There is lots of different stuff that you will encounter during your travels and this includes animals, spacecraft, plants, buildings and much more.

The game features a twist with its 18 quintillion planets. There is a star represented by every dot of light and each of these starts has planets which swirl around it. You have the ability to explore all of them.

According to the game’s creative director, if a new planet ends up being discovered every second after the launch of this game, it will literally take 584 billion years to visit each one of them, simply for a second. Now you might be questioning, how do we travel.

Well, it’s not too different from Mass Effect. You make use of your spaceship of course! While visiting these planets, you will come across both friendly and not-so-friendly life forms. You might end up getting involved in some massive space battle for all we know.

There are loads of planets and many of them haven’t been discovered. As a result, each time you end up on a new planet, you’ll be able to name it and its unspecified animals as well. Colbert discovered a bison-like creature when the game was featured on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’. Meanwhile, you can mine plenty of resources from the planets you are exploring, when you are not busy naming the planets or the animals.

Fans have been waiting a long time for No Man’s Sky and according to the latest reports, some technical problems involving the game, have emerged. According to Laura Kate of Destructoid UK during her episode of Podquisition, sources have talked to her about various kinds of technical issues in the game.

Due to these issues, the game couldn’t be demonstrated at an UK event recently. Meanwhile, during the conference, the demo was shown on PC instead of PlayStation and this led to a lot of people assuming that the game might not be suitable for the console.