Suits Season 5: Mike’s Arrest Will Affect Harvey, List of Suspects Revealed, And More Details

For Harvey, Donna wasn’t just an assistant, but a friend who could steer him through every instance of life. When Donna leaves him after confessing about her feeling for Harvey, Harvey finds himself shocked and unable to decide on how to act.

The situation became so bad for him that he had to seek the help of counsellor. When Harvey meets Dr. Paula Agard (Cristina Cole) he was lost. She helps him realise that there are incidents from his past that stop him from forming meaningful bonds.

Harvey comes to term with and is also in the path of recovery. The fans almost see the old Harvey Specter back in the last few episodes of the mid-season finale, but then Mike gets arrested.

There are reports that Mike’s arrest might have a bad impact on Harvey and he will be spiralling downhill again and having depression. Dr. Agard is likely to come back again and help him cope with the situation and make him join the firm and fight the case on Mike’s behalf.

While the previous episodes focused on Harvey, the ones in the next half of Suits Season 5 will deal with Mike and the consequences of getting arrested. Korsh added that the arrest was executed without any build-up because they wanted the incidents to be as similar to real life as possible.

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