Expendables 4: Rumors Indicate Hulk Hogan and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Joining the Cast, More Details

For a long time, Expendables has remained a bit of a continuous rollercoaster episode for the fans. In the beginning, the franchise began quite strong but soon later, the film started garnering positive reviews and won a lot of favor from the fans.

Compared to that, the latest installment, Expendables 3 appeared a little less successful and underwhelming, compared to most of the fans who loved the original movie.

As a result, many people are eagerly waiting to notice what happens in the upcoming film. This is mainly because people have no idea if the future ideas are going to work or not. However, this doesn’t mean that Sylvester Stallone has lost heart.

On the contrary, he is busy working on ideas for the upcoming film. He has been working really hard to spice it up for fans. Furthermore, he has been contacting a lot of celebrities and making sure that he can get most of the blockbuster names on-board.

The latest batch of reports suggests that Hulk Hogan and The Rock (also known as Dwayne Johnson) will be joining the cast and as a result, this keeps sounding more and more interesting.

Further reports suggest that Hogan was highly excited to be a part of this film and for a long time, he has been a fan of Sylvester Stallone and remained a long-time friend of him as well.

As a result, we do wish to see how Hulk Hogan plays out his role and most fans of this actor are waiting to see how it gets more and more interesting with time. We all know that Hulk Hogan is a tough nut and he will give it his best shot to be a successful part of this film, in the near future.

However, reports suggest that Hulk Hogan will be playing a villainous role in this film and he has remained a long-time fan of Sylvester Stallone. Furthermore, Hulk Hogan seems to be convinced that he will be one of the nastiest villains in cinema history. In the end, it comes down to proper direction and producing.

At the same time, we are quite convinced that the actor will be playing a successful role. Besides Sylvester Stallone, it seems Arnold Schwarzenegger has been hard at work as well.

He has been talking about the future of this franchise and further claimed that there is plenty of room for many other future installments, considering that the fourth one turns out to be successful.

Right now, it waits to be seen whether Expendable 4 turns out to be a success or a complete failure. This will be the determining factor of the success of future installments in this franchise.