Suits Season 5: Mike’s Arrest Will Affect Harvey, List of Suspects Revealed, And More Details

The midseason finale of Suits Season 5 raised many a question. The episode saw Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) arrested for committing a fraud. This incident raised the obvious question of whodunit in the minds of the viewers.

There are numerous speculations about who this person is likely to be. Suits creator and executive producer Aaron Korsh has revealed that the identity of the person concerned will shock the viewers.

Aaron Korsh said that as a show-runner the first question that came to his mind with this plot line was how will they extricate Mike Ross from such a situation, rather than trying to find out the identity of the person responsible for complaining to the police.

There are speculations that the identity of the person concerned will be out as Suits Season 5 returns with episode 11 next year. Aaron Korsh, however, has informed fans through The Hollywood Reporter that the identity of the person isn’t going to be revealed so easily.

Fans have already deduced on their own who the person could be and the first ad obvious choice for the suspect is Rachel’s parents. Mike asked Rachel (Meghan Markle) to marry him in the season finale of Suits Season 4 and this season saw Rachel planning a huge wedding with the help of Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

While Rachel’s parents weren’t very keen on the marriage, they agreed to go ahead with it nonetheless. They had also invited the who’s who at the party. However, it is likely that someone tipped them Mike’s lies and they might have decided to put him behind bars so that their daughter doesn’t end up marrying the fraud.

Some fans also believe that the snitch behind Mike’s arrest might also be the priest to whom Mike had confessed about his fears of losing Rachel and also the lie that he had kept away from everyone. However, Korsh has addressed those fans and said that the laws of confession would bind him from reporting the episode to the police.

Some other suspects that Christian Post drew up include Mike’s ex-girlfriend Jenny Griffith, Daniel Hardman who is out to ruin Jessica and will not shy from giving up Mike for that reason and Lola Jensen, the woman who got Mike the fake Harvard certificate. Each one of them motif, now we will have to watch and find out.

Movie News Guide suggests that with Mike behind bars, there are going to be serious concerns about whether Harvey (Gabriel Macht) is going to continue in the firm. We see that Harvey placed his resignation right after. However, Franchise Herald has reported that Harvey is going to come back and fight the case on behalf of Mike and make sure that he comes out of the police custody.

In an interview with Aaron Korsh revealed that they have been planning to go ahead with such a turn of events for a long time now, but hadn’t concretised the idea. It was only at the end of last year when they were working on Suits Season 5 did they decide to go ahead and incorporate the situation in the middle season finale.

The arrest of Mike Ross is going to have an impact not only on the Pearson-Specter-Litt firm, and Rachel, but also on Harvey. Suits Season 5 opened with Harvey lost after Donna leaves him and goes to join Louis Litt.