Suits Season 5: Hints at Mike’s Long Prison Stint, Introduces New Character, Rumors About Mike-Rachel, Harvey-Donna!

However, now with trailers hinting that Mike might end up having a long prison stint, fans are not too sure that Rachel will wait for Mike, especially given that her parents were already not very pleased with Mike.

Suits Season 5 had begun with Harvey spiraling down into depression with Donna (Sarah Rafferty) leaving his service and confessing her love for him. Donna went ahead to work for Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) and this had puzzled Harvey a lot since Donna was well aware that he doesn’t get along with Litt.

Not being able to make sense of his feelings, Harvey sat down for sessions with Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole). Dr. Agard made Harvey realize that he has feelings for Donna, which he had never realized. Dr. Agard also helped Harvey come to terms with his past, especially his mother.

According to Yibada, Mike going off to jail will work an eye opener for Harvey. He will realize that he doesn’t have anyone in life apart from him and Donna and try to make things better with his former secretary and best friend cum love interest.

After coming to terms with his past and forgiving his mother for cheating, Harvey will be more sorted an individual and will be back as his former confident self.

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