Suits Season 5: Hints at Mike’s Long Prison Stint, Introduces New Character, Rumors About Mike-Rachel, Harvey-Donna!

Suits Season 5 is returning in January and fans are dying to find out what’s in store for Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams). The new trailer of the upcoming episode reveals that things do not look very good for Mike since he is behind bars.

Mike was taken into police custody right before Suits Season 5 broke up for the midseason hiatus and fans have since then been trying to figure out what’s in next for the man. Creator Aaron Korsh had revealed that things will not be very easy for Mike ad Harvey (Gabriel Macht) in the second part of Season 5.

Harvey is going to obviously fight for Mike and try to free him, but things do not look good. Harvey has a tough case in his hand and he will have to give his all if he has to get his friend out of prison.

The trailer for the episode 11 of Suits Season 5 shows a new character of Anita Gibbs, who is the Assistant US attorney. Leslie Hope, who is set to play the role of Gibbs, spoke about her character to International Business Times and informed that Gibbs is one tough cookie. She is ruthless and is adamant to send Mike behind the bar.

Gibbs can be heard on the trailer telling Mike had he had committed a very grave crime. He had committed a crime every time he had signed his name, or appeared in court or picked up the phone. She warns Mike that even if his friends try to get him out of prison, they will not be successful.

The loyal fans of Suits have followed Mike and Harvey since the first day and they love them. To suddenly find Mike going behind bars for a lie that he had carried with him is not acceptable for them.

Yes, Mike did make a crime, but the fans argue that he has never used it for anything wrong. He is a genuinely good attorney and has thousands of cases to prove this point.

Patrick J. Adams said that told The Hollywood Reporter that for the fans Gibbs might look like a villain since she is plotting against Harvey and Mike whom they love, but she isn’t one. Gibbs is out to do something right and there is no fault in what she is determined to achieve.

Aaron Korsh has informed that fans that when they ultimately find out who has ratted against Mike they will be shocked. This has given rise to a large number of speculations. There are a lot of people who have known this secret of Mike’s and there are a few who have motives to use it to send Mike to prison.

Suits Season 5 is going to open with Pearson Specter Litt in a major confusion since the court will put them in a tight fix since all the senior partners knew about this secret of Mike’s and had still allowed him to practice for them.

With Mike heading to prison and with the rumor that his stint there is likely to be a long one, fans are now wondering about what’s in store for Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle). The two had been planning their wedding when Mike Ross was arrested by the police.

Aaron Korsh, the show-runner had informed that even though Mike would head to prison, Rachel and his relationship will work out. Rachel had always known the secret and she doesn’t have a reason to leave him.