Lindsay Lohan Responds to Jennifer Lawrence Diss, Performs with Duran Duran, Father Arrested!

Jennifer Lawrence has surely rubbed Lindsay Lohan the wrong way and the Mean Girl actress isn’t one to keep quiet. Jennifer Lawrence made a reference to Lindsay Lohan at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, where was the guest on Monday.

Jennifer Lawrence when asked whether she is a workaholic replied saying that she works herself to exhaustion and on more occasion than one her body breaks down to make her realize that she needs to stop and rest.

Lawrence went on to say that she usually looks as exhausted as Lindsay Lohan, but it’s not because of drugs and alcohol, but because of working too hard. She said that no matter how early she gets to bed, she still ends up feeling tired.

This slight remark wasn’t unnoticed and Lindsay Lohan’s family stood up for the actress. It was Lohan’s sister Aliana Lohan who first spoke out against the diss made by Jennifer Lawrence.

She said that she is going to stand up with her family against all this negativity and said that she was very disappointed with Jennifer Lawrence had done and that the actress had lost a fan in her.

Aliana Lohan tagged sister Lindsay Lohan on the post and she responded with a quote from Maya Angelou, stating that no matter how much negativity is hurled at her, she is going to come out strong from it. She made a snide comment stating that Jennifer Lawrence should learn to support others instead of making such nasty comments.

Even Lindsay Lohan’s mother Dina Lohan spoke out against Jennifer Lawrence’s comment saying that the whole family is a fan of Jennifer Lawrence and that they are all disappointed with the way she referred to Lindsay Lohan’s problems. She expected the young actress to stand by her peer and not trash her in public.

The whole Lohan clan decided to stand up together and be there to support Lindsay Lohan. The actress has had a tough time fighting against her substance abuse. She even had her brush with law. However, she is doing well with her rehabilitation and is starting to focus on her career once more.

Lindsay Lohan is going to be a part of an upcoming film called The Shadow White. The film is inspired from Kage no Kuruma, a Japanese psychological drama. She had previously been in The Canyon where she shared screen space with actor James Dean.

Lindsay Lohan got together with Duran Duran and performed with them for their song Dancephobia at the O2 Arena. The band and Lindsay Lohan have been friends for a long time. Simon Le Bon and Lindsay Lohan have been friends for over ten years since they first met at the dressing room of Live! With Regis and Kelly.

According to Simon Le Bon, the band wanted a female voice for the monologue and they felt that Lohan’s voice would be perfect for the part. They asked the actress and she gave it a shot and it was exactly what Duran Duran was looking for. The monologue was written by Simon Le Bon and his band mate John Taylor. Lohan supposedly perfected the part in three takes.

Lindsay Lohan’s father has been charged for battery against his wife and kids. The couple has already lost the custody of their boys because they have been abusive towards them and have shown aggression in the past.