Lindsay Lohan Responds to Jennifer Lawrence Diss, Performs with Duran Duran, Father Arrested!

According to Palm Beach Post, the Boca Raton Police arrested him for battery charges that were lodged against him after an incident in October. The report states that Michael Lohan and his wife Kate Major Lohan were fighting when he slapped one of their boys. Kate Major Lohan took out her phone started recording how abusive Lohan was getting.

The video produced at court showed Michael Lohan egging his wife to hit him so that he could prove in court that the fight was caused by her and not him. Kate Major Lohan informed the police that the incident wasn’t the first time that Lindsay Lohan’s father has been physical and violent with her.

In spite of that she had been reluctant about letting the police know about it since they were already involved in an investigation from the Department of Children and Families.

Both Michael and Kate Major Lohan have had a long history of battery charges.

Kate Major had previously charged with battery against her estranged violence when she tried to scratch him during one of their fights. She has also been arrested for eight months in March 2014 when she was driving under influence.

Lindsay Lohan has never been one to be cowed down by life and the actress was spotted enjoying a lollipop in London while she was walking. She seemed happy and carefree and did not mind the paparazzi clicking her photos.

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