Suits Season 5: Esther’s Presence Affects the Donna-Harvey Angle, Harvey in a Vulnerable Position, And More

Suits Season 5 will see Harvey attending a counsellor to help him come to terms with the departure of Donna and also bring back on track. Dr. Paula Agard played by Cristina Cole will help Harvey get a grip on himself. A Harvard educated psychiatrist, Dr. Agard will become Harvey’s confidante in Suits Season 5.

Harvey’s issues will take a lot of time to get sorted. Donna’s departure has only triggered deep seated emotions that he already had. Aaron Korsh himself has said that Harvey will take time to sort out all his inner turmoil. Dr. Agard tries to make Harvey look into his past and sort out things in his life.

In an interview, Macht has revealed that Dr. Paula Agard will become an adversary for Harvey. She will push her into a very vulnerable position by trying to make him look into the past. It will be like looking into the mirror for him and he will not like it at all.

Suits is known for its heady mix of legal drama and light-hearted comedy and this essence is present even in Suits Season 5.