Apple Plans to Release iPad Pro Instead Of iPad Air 3, Users Expect iPad Mini 4 to be the Last of the Mini Series, And More

Most people planning to buy an iPad are currently looking at the Apple iPad Air 2 which is the latest iPad model at the moment. In terms of benchmark numbers, there are many tablets out there which can beat the Air 2 but the device has remained a user favorite and CNET once dubbed it the Gold standard for tablets.

However, earlier rumors and speculations suggested that Apple will release an iPad Air 3 soon. Many people are expecting it to be released in October or November this year. This is the usual release pattern that Apple has been following for quite some time now. After the success of iPad Air 2, users evident expected that Apple will release an upgrade to this device in the near future.

In terms of specs and features, iPad Air 3 is rumored to have an A9X processor, which is a significant upgrade over its earlier A8X processor. This will allow the device to respond faster and multitask better. Further reports indicate that Air 3 will come with 3GB of RAM, feature 2GB memory along with a seven-inch screen.

The camera on the iPad Air 3 will also be an improvement over the 8 megapixel camera in the iPad Air 2. At the same time, these updates and improvements in the Air 3 will require major battery power, so you should expect a battery upgrade as well. Apple released six iPads earlier and this makes iPad Air 3 the seventh device in this line-up.

The latest batch of rumors and speculations suggest that when Apple has finished launching the latest batch of iPhones in September this year, the company will start focusing on its tablets.

The tablet line-up should be refreshed this year on October-November. Countless rumors indicate that this year Apple is planning to release an iPad Pro which will have a 12.9inch display.

A new report from Korea indicates that Apple may skip the release of iPad Air 3 altogether and focus on launching iPad Pro. This necessarily means that Apple will not have a successor to iPad Air 2 and it will remain the last device in the Air line-up.

Apple will instead release iPad Pro and iPad Mini 4 with the latter now expected to be the last device in the Mini line-up. If the iPad Pro is launched, it will be the largest iPad ever to be released by Apple and the Cupertino giant will definitely prefer that it gets the entire spotlight.

As a result, Apple’s manufacturing units will be able to produce this tablet in larger quantities instead of focusing on the production of any alternative release.

However, we suggest that you take this report with a grain of salt as nothing has been confirmed as of now. Many people are already anticipating the Apple will make minor changes on the iPad Air 2 and release the new device as iPad Pro. They did something similar with iPad Mini 3.

Right now, there hasn’t been a single shred of official information regarding the iPad Air 3 which most users are expecting this fall. All reports and rumors currently face the iPad Pro. An investment advisor at Fubon Hardware called Liaoxian Li declared that the iPad Air 3 will arrive in 2016.

He further reported that Apple will launch the iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro in the traditional Apple event scheduled this fall. Additional remarks suggest that this will be the last iPad Mini so that Apple can focus on the two larger size iPads in future.