GTA 5 Online: DLC Update Expected to Release Soon, Gamers Suffer From Low FPS since the Previous Update, A Probable Lowrider Update is Underway, And More

Recently, new content was released for GTA 5 Online featuring things like high-end vehicles, clothes and new accessories, new weapons through the Ill-Gotten Gains Part II DLC. After the release of GTA 5 Online, Rockstar has been totally engrossed with it.

They have been mostly releasing updates and patches for Online rather than the single player game. As a result, right now, all those gamers who were playing the single-player story is demanding a new DLC for themselves. Recently, a video was shared by YouTuber MrBossFTW and it provided information on the latest Single Player DLC update. According to rumors, a DLC like that could be released next week.

The information was released through CVG broadcasts while making their regular weekly podcasts. In one of the earlier podcasts, viewers witnessed a discussion on a ‘hot new DLC’ while another podcaster heard saying that the information might not be so new when the new podcast finally rolls out. Spectators will get to view these podcasts every Wednesday.

While waiting for the new update, most of the PC users are complaining about lags and framerate issues after the last PC Update Patch 1.28. The reports on these issues surfaced in a highly up-voted post on Rockstar Games’ support website. Recently Rockstar acknowledged this fact and declared that they have received reports on GTA 5 Online and GTA 5 Single Player after the latest 1.28 update on PC. They are currently looking at the problem.

The creators of the popular GTA V mod LCPD First Response declared their own verdict through a Facebook post. According to them, the problems are caused as side-effects of anti-mod measures while were apparently introduced in Rockstar’s latest 1.28 patch.  After this update, framerates have gone as low as 3fps, while running the LCPD First Response Mod.

Sadly, there are performance issues even without these mods installed. This anti-mod response is quite a radical and dramatic effort from Rockstar considering the fact that they were quite lenient about it, a few months earlier. Rockstar declared in May that players shouldn’t worry being banned or included in the cheater pool, simply because they are using PC single-player mods.

During a Rockstar Newswire Q&A, the developers declared that their main focus is protecting GTA Online from any type of modifications that result in players getting undue advantage. They will try to prevent anything that has the potential to cause a disruption in gameplay.

As a result, these anti-mod measures are a necessary evil. They are simply side-effects resulting out of efforts and trials to prevent the evils of GTA 5 Online mods. Right now, you can check out the support thread, for an update on these framerate issues.

Meanwhile, the latest podcasts are suggesting the possibility of Rockstar teasing a new Single Player Story Mode in their latest DLC pack. Gamers should notice that Rockstar has worked with news outlets, podcasters and many fans in the past. As a result, it should help them to publish new articles regarding Rockstar\s latest updates.

Another YouTube video declares that Rockstar might focus on the advancement of the story of Michael, Trevor and Franklin on the upcoming DLC. There is also a possibility that another character might be added to it. GTA 5 was released around two years ago and there hasn’t been any major expansion to the storyline, since then.

Right now, gamers are expecting that Rockstar is taking their time (like they always do) developing their DLC and it will release soon. In the meantime, Rockstar has been continuously releasing patches and updates to fix the money glitches and exploits in GTA Online.

However, these patches aren’t fail-proof and sometime or the other, people will definitely find a way. GTA 5 Tipster Suheil shared a working money glitch, designed for the latest Patch 1.28 update. Keep in mind that this is again a solo money glitch and it can’t bypass the 58-minute sell-timer.