GTA 5 Online: DLC Update Expected to Release Soon, Gamers Suffer From Low FPS since the Previous Update, A Probable Lowrider Update is Underway, And More

Take a look at how this GTA 5 Online Ill-Gotten Gains Part II money glitch is performed. At first, you need to include 9 vehicles in your garage along with the duplicate. In the next step, you need to drive out with a car, preferably the Benefactor Panto, from your garage, preferably the Unit 2 Popular St.You should destroy it with a grenade and blow yourself up in the process. After respawning, you need to steal a car from the street and call Mors Mutual Insurance immediately.

You should drive the stolen car up the garage door while the Mors Mutual Insurance Interactive window is open. After reaching up to the garage door, you need to hold down the brake and accelerator at the same time. Hit “X” on the PlayStation or “A” on the Xbox as soon as you let off the brakes.

After this, exit from the garage and enter the job lobby to buy ammo and stuff. You will then notice the duped car located somewhere nearby on the street.  In the meantime, 12 new vehicles were dug out by dedicated GTA Online players from the recently discovered ‘LOW’ code. This ‘LOW’ reference could mean low-rider vehicles in the next update or some kind of a cheaper lowlife update, which is the opposite of Ill-Gotten Gains.