Suits Season 5: Esther’s Presence Affects the Donna-Harvey Angle, Harvey in a Vulnerable Position, And More

Suits Season 5 will make the viewers see the ace lawyer, Harvey Spectre (Gabriel Macht) in a new manner. The suave and talented lawyer who was used to enjoying the upper hand in all things, whether in his personal or professional front, will now be hit with things he could never foresee happening in his life.

Suits Season 4 had already shown Donna (Sarah Rafferty) leaving the service of Harvey to go ahead and work for Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman). Louis and Harvey have never got along and with Louis getting the scoop about Mike to get himself promoted to the position of one of the partners of the firm, things became worse between the two.

However, Donna and Louis had always gotten along, but this season will explore how their personal relationship gets strained because of their workplace equation. The upcoming fourth episode of Suits Season 5 will see Louis and Harvey at loggerhead over the Donna issue. To make matters worse, Donna will be helping Louis in dealing with a case that has something to do with Harvey and things get from bad to worse.

Episode 4 of Suits Season 5 will see Harvey deal with a very sensitive case that has been brought to the firm by a very special person. Aaron Korsh, the show runner, has been very tight-lipped about the details relating to this special person, but by the looks of the trailer for the upcoming episode and reports from Christian Today, the person seems to be someone responsible for helping the firm come into existent.

Harvey as the viewers know is known for his outside court settlements. He is very particular about not breaking the law, but by the looks of it, he needs to think of the box for this particular case and Harvey seems to be stumped by the sheer intensity of the task at hand.

The episode synopsis also talked about Mike Ross and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) coming together for a particular case, but their ideas about what is going to work for them and for the client is different and the two might end up ruining the case they have at hand. Mike also teams up with his father-in-law Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), but things end up getting messy. This might impact his engagement with Rachel.

If you thought that Harvey and Louis issue will be limited to Donna and the firm then it’s time to think again. Suits Season 5 will have Louis’s sister Esther, played by Amy Acker joining the star cast. She is in need for legal help and turns to her brother for help.

Louis is not happy seeing his sister and refuses to help her out. Desperately in need of a legal help, Esther turns towards Harvey who is happy to help her out in her legal problems. If TV Line is to be believed, it looks like Harvey and Esther will have something developing between the two of them and this makes matters worse when it comes to Harvey and Louis.

The Esther angle will not only make things difficult between Harvey and Louis, but also hinder the development of the relationship between Donna and Harvey. Donna had left the service of Harvey after confessing that she had feelings for her and hence it is becoming difficult for her to continue working with him.

Donna has been something like a support system for Harvey and with her out of his life, the viewers will get to see a Harvey Spectre in Suits Season 5 that they have never seen before. Harvey without Donna is vulnerable.