Startling Facts about Luke Hemmings Massive Billboard Success for 5 Seconds of Summer, And More

He further tweeted that the present break has made him excellent at Xbox. Luke Hemmings has been quite busy with the new album development and touring with the band but that doesn’t really mean Luke is not showing any interest in girls, all this time.

After his latest post on Twitter, fans are talking about his potential girlfriend and wondering whether his heart lies elsewhere. The 5 Seconds of Summer singer tweeted, “Also, you look so perthect.”  This could probably end up being a reference to their popular “She looks so perfect” song but Luke could also be having girl in his mind right now.

In other news, Luke Hemmings recently revealed that he had a really tough time when he went to school at a younger age. This revelation was a part of his brief depressing interview with We Love Pop magazine. Luke further admitted that he hated school and had very few friends for a long, long time.

Thankfully, Luke was a much happier kid when he recently celebrated the one year anniversary of their Amnesia music video release, with his pals. They continued their show in Edmonton, as a part of their Rock Out With Your Socks Out tour and from the looks of it, Hemmings really enjoyed the show.

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