Startling Facts about Luke Hemmings Massive Billboard Success for 5 Seconds of Summer, And More

Luke Hemmings is the front man of 5 Seconds of Summer and famous all over the world due to his latest hit single “She’s Kinda Hot’’. However, there are a lot of things that you should know about this hot Australian.

Firstly, it was Hemmings’ older brother who taught him play the iconic tune in Deep Purple’s “Smoke on the Water” and he was ten years old back then. This is according to what’s written in the band’s official book “Let’s Make a Band”.

Luke said that he would play the song on the top string by using one finger. He did this all the time and at one point, there was a crease in his skin and he probably drove everyone crazy, playing it.

He further declared that he had a world of his own during Primary School and he would get told off for being too loud. In case of his school subjects, he wasn’t too good in English and quite terrible in art and drawing. However, Luke loved Math because his mom was an accountant and he felt that he had to be good in it.

Luke loved guitar bands that made a lot of noise, like Good Charlotte and Foo Fighters. As a result, he soon got acquainted to Michael Clifford and Calum Hood as they were the other outsiders in his school. They were all at Northwest and loved these bands equally. While visiting or going for music lessons, the three of them became quite good friends.

At the school talent show, Live at Northwest, he and Calum covered a song by the band Secondhand Serenade. According to him, it was quite a big deal for them as they played it in front of the whole school and at that point, they’re voice hadn’t broken off yet. Luke says that he would rather play in front of 20,000 people than in front of a school.

He and his friends would hang out several places like music class, talking about other bands and jamming and finally they came to the day when they wanted their own band. It was Michael who first said that they should put up their videos in YouTube. Luke liked it and thought about the fun in being in a band, writing songs and hanging out with friends.

Meanwhile, Unreality TV revealed that Billboard has confirmed how “She’s Kinda Hot” is proving to be a major hit in the US, probably because 5SOS is currently touring this region and further revealed that this song has entered No.22 in their Hot 100 chart. Right now, Luke Hemmings is probably using news about Louis Tomlinson baby to avoid talking about any girlfriend rumors.


He commented about the recent drama in Louis Tomlinson’s life. According to Sugarscape, he said whether anyone cared even “If it came from a one night thing…” Luke said that the way this situation is being dealt with it quite cool. The kid is being brought into a great position and “he is never going to be hard up.” According to Luke, he is going to be brought up in a loving situation and Louis will definitely step up to the challenge.

Furthermore, it looks like the lead singer may be more interested in playing Xbox rather than getting a girlfriend. Almost all of his 5 Seconds of Summer band mates are getting a girl but Luke seems to be steering away from various girlfriend possibilities like Selena Gomez and Aleisha McDonald.