Star Wars: Episode VIII to Feature Han Solo’s Funeral, Laura Dern Roped in to Play a Major Role in The Movie!

In other news, a number of leaked images from the sets of the movie has given fans a first look at the two different kinds of aliens that will be featured in the movie. One of the aliens was seen having grey colored skin and black eyes along with a bulging head.

This particular alien shares reminiscence to another one that was seen in the previous movie- Star Wars: Force Awakens. Rumors are also doing rounds which claim that the alien in the picture could be Supreme Leader Snoke.

However, there is also the possibility that the alien is not actually Snoke. Instead it could be a brand new character at all. Chances are that it might be a bounty hunter too.

The second alien in the picture looks like a priest and this has sparked rumors that this alien will have something to do with the funeral of Han Solo.

Billie Lourd, who played the role of Kaydel Ko Connix in Force Awakens will come back to reprise her role for the upcoming movie. Connix was a junior controller in the previous movie and the character lacked significance in it.

However, Lourd herself gave confirmation to the fact that her character will be playing a much bigger role in the upcoming movie.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will hit the big screen on December 15, 2017.