A Look at The Rumored Specs of the Upcoming HTC One M10, Leaked Images Give a First Look at The Device!

Taiwanese company HTC is all set to introduce its next smartphone to the market which is the HTC One M10. It is also being called the HTC One 10. The company has been teasing the device for quite some time now through social media.

Though no specific announcements have been made by the company regarding its release date, it is being assumed that HTC will launch the HTC One M10 on April 19.

In the teasers, HTC has been mentioning the words- “Power of 10” while referring to the device. Various reports are suggesting that HTC might do away with the “M” with the upcoming device and call it just HTC 10. There also have been reports that suggest that the device has been codenamed HTC Perfume.

A number of leaked renders of the device is floating around the internet for quite some time now. Serial leakers-  @OnLeaks and @evleaks were the ones who posted the supposedly leaked images of the device.

The leaked images show that the device has a metal body and its camera module is placed at the center of its backside. Also spotted was a LED flash setup which was located just beside the camera. The laser autofocus technology which is currently being used in a number of devices was also seen on the HTC One M10.

Apparently, the backside of the phone features chamfered edges. It was reported that HTC has made the device in such a shape keeping in mind the ergonomics. The chamfered edges will enable the users to grip the device with more ease and comfort.

It was also seen in the images that the traditional Boom Sound speakers which is generally placed on the bottom edge of the device is missing from the M10. The phone also sports a fingerprint scanner which is built into the rectangular home button of the device.

Two capacitive buttons are also built-in on either side of the home button. These will the serve the purpose of back and options. It should be mentioned that its predecessor, the HTC One M9 came without any capacitive buttons on it. the home, back and options buttons were all onscreen on the device.

The leaked images also showed the weather app running on the device. The app showed that the device was in Beijing when its image was taken. The leaks also hinted towards the fact that the device might come in a slew of colors that include- white, gold, black and black on white.

As for the technical aspects of the device, it was reported that HTC One M10 will come with a screen which will either be 5.1 inch or 5.2 inch. LeaksterEban Bass claims that the device will come with a Super LCD display which is far better than normal LCD ones.

Apparently, the Super LCD display will improve the outdoor visibility of the device. The glare from the display will also be reduce by the Super LCD. It will also work towards reducing consumption of battery.

Reports also hint towards a QHD display for the device with a resolution of 1,440 x 2,560 pixels. Rumors were also floating around that the device might come with a 4K display screen which will have a resolution of 4,096 x 2160 pixels.

However, since the current models only come with 1080p display, a 4096 x 2160 pixels for the upcoming device is unlikely to happen.

Under its hood, the device will be packed with the latest offering from Qualcomm- the Snapdragon 820 chipset. The Snapdragon 820 chipset was recently put through the Antutu benchmark test and it passed it with flying colors. Needless to say, the device will perform exceptionally well with the powerful processor inside it.