Star Wars Battlefront 3 AT-AT Walker Teaser Trailer Revealed, Game Will Include New Weapons and DLC Packs!

Let us take a look at the latest rumors and speculations involving Star Wars Battlefront 3. This game will be published the same developer who brought us the Battlefield franchise. As a result, it is justified to expect 32-men on-a-side multiplayer battles. Meanwhile, the campaign will set players on a perspective of two different sides.

These will include The Republic and The Separatists along with Imperials and Rebels during the Galactic Civil War. If it happens, players will be able to witness one of the most famous Star Wars battles.

Reports also indicate that the game will feature a lot of DLC Expansion Packs with patches released at regular intervals of time. The rumor states that Star Wars Battlefront 3 will ship with 5 DLC packs available for download. These will focus on the new maps, vehicles and weapons in The Force Awakens. It is being reported that this installment will feature a massive arsenal of dangerous weapons.  At the same time, players will also be able to transition between ground and space in an effortless manner. It means that he shifting between battlefields will require no extra effort.

After all’s said and done, there are absolutely awesome things in the Star Wars Battlefront franchise that you will never forget. You will remember and recognize them with DICE adding its own flavor on top.

Stay tuned for more updates on Star Wars Battlefront 3!