Star Wars Battlefront 3 AT-AT Walker Teaser Trailer Revealed, Game Will Include New Weapons and DLC Packs!

Recently, Electronic Arts released a short teaser trailer on Star Wars Battlefront 3. The trailer seems like it’s similar to the one that was shown by EA during the E3 convention of 2013 as it depicts the same snowy seems in the iconic Battle of Hoth.  It shows the brief footage of a snow speeder going along the snowy areas, but towards the end of the clip you will notice the ominous addition which shows a giant AT-AT Walker foot demolishing the landscape.

The AT-AT walker has been an iconic character in the Star Wars Universe along with the numerous games spawned by the same franchise. The walker can fire heavy laser cannons and is a part of the heavy equipment arsenal possessed by the Galactic Empire. During the Battle of Hoth, this monstrosity was responsible for innumerable infantry deaths in the Rebel Forces. In the Star Wars gaming franchise, this AT-AT walker has appeared in the Battlefront titles along with ‘Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds.

The most spectacular role played by the AT-AT walker was during the primary mission in the 1982’s “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” game developed by Parker Bros. In this awesome title, players could entirely battle the AT-AT walker. Meanwhile, EA has a made a further exciting announcement besides the new teaser trailer. Earlier, this month the company announced that Star Wars Battlefront will be showcased at the Star Wars Celebration convention, held in Anaheim, California, scheduled to run from 16th to 19th April.

Reports suggest that Star Wars Battlefront 3 will be launched on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft PC during the holiday season. Further rumors indicate that the launch of this title will coincide with the release of the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie. It will be the seventh film in this franchise following the original trilogy that took place in the early 80’s along with the three latest prequels.