Gamers Furious With Latest FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Mode Changes!

In some cases, developers make wonderful changes to their games that are welcomed by gamers. However, there are also cases where the developer destroys your gameplay experience with a weird new change. Presently, EA is stuck between both these extremes, with a lot of users delighted and others angered with the latest changes in FIFA 15’s Ultimate Team Mode’s transfer market.

The Ultimate Team mode could be considered to be a trading card game where the cards can be auctioned off through a series of open bids. It allows the gamers to purchase players for low sums or exorbitant amounts. However, a group of users began working the system in order to gain substantial profits. Ever since then, EA has implemented a range cap which limits the minimum and maximum amounts for cards to be bought or sold.

EA explained the changes through an official blog post and declared that the developers wish to keep the game fair and secure for all its players. With their recent changes, gamers of FIFA Ultimate Team will be ensured a level playing field. EA further stated that in order to achieve this, they will need to remove the activities of cheaters and coin farmers who are responsible for a bad experience in this game.

Using phishing scams and bots, these cheaters can generate coins illegitimately in the FUT economy. These results in the flow of fraudulent in-game currency which further drives up the costs of players in the Ultimate Team transfer market. Although it sounds great, in theory, things can be much trickier than they seem. Earlier, the gold cards that featured England and Liverpool Striker Daniel Sturridge was available at a 16,000 coins but presently his minimum price is an exorbitant 150,000 coins.

On top of that, the players who were purchased for a lot more before the recently introduced price-cap cannot be sold even at their minimum. It is because the minimum costs a lot of coins, coins which players currently don’t have.