Natural Gameplay Featured In PES 2015, Players Keep Pining For Licenses!

Last year, gamers experienced the release of a new game engine for the Pro Evolution Soccer series of games. However, it’s the release of this year that feels like a rejuvenating start for this long-running football franchise. PES 2015 took its first plunge into the new-generation Xbox One and PS4 consoles with an online mode that rivals the ‘FIFA Ultimate Team’ gameplay. The football simulation in PES was brought to the modern age with the addition of this game mode.

However, the biggest impact is considered to be the advancements in the field as Konami has developed one of the greatest football experiences since the days of PES on the PS2. There are many annual football games that promise improved dribbling, passing and shooting, and thankfully PES 2015 delivers on all those promises. The recent release includes the improved one-touch passing system which allows quick-thinking for the players due. As a result, the gamers can put to together beautiful free-flowing moves by predicting passes before the ball has reached the feet of the desired target.

Meanwhile, when you are passing, slicing or flicking the ball past the on looking defenders, it is greatly satisfying and within reach of players due to the flawless animations and enhanced reaction times. The football action of the field is quite perfect except for the occasional frame rate issues.

Thankfully, these frame rate drops occur for a few moments after kick off or if you are returning from the main screen. The football is so stylish that you can attempt to try and walk the wall into the net. For dribbling, you no longer have to depend completely on street skills and tricks, unless you play like Ronaldo or Messi. Dribbling in PES 15 relies on your focus on momentum, body shape, individual player behaviors and balance.