Natural Gameplay Featured In PES 2015, Players Keep Pining For Licenses!

The game is quite realistic in nature which is indicated in the fact that most players won’t be able to dodge or dribble across two defenders with a dead ball. However, if you have some head-on speed with gaining momentum, you might be able to squeeze through and carve out an opening. With the realistic and fluidic gameplay, the response is fantastically natural.

The improved teammate intelligence indicates that the supporting player will make more dangerous attempts, running off the shoulder of a defender. At the same time, getting a foul from offside will be reduced as well. The goalkeepers will often beat powerful shots back into play instead of withholding all shots that come their way. In this manner, the goalkeeping is much more spontaneous and dynamic, not to mention ecstatic. The referees are stricter in PES 2015 which tends to get on your nerves after sometime. Thankfully, this is nothing that can’t be balanced out through a post-release patch.

The artificial intelligence of players is quite decent. They will focus on finding spaces, and the computer will keep the ball if they are ahead. However, things aren’t entirely right. This is 2015, and the licenses have started to matter. The Arsenal players wish to see Arsenal and Manchester City fans want Manchester City. Konami needs to sort this out and start getting licenses as no player wishes to sit around and change team and league names.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates on PES 2015!