Star Trek Beyond Struggles to Make Significant Profit, Takei Unimpressed, Series Survived Due to Star Wars

George Takei takes issue with a character who had been carefully thought out by the creator Gene Roddenberry in the 50th Anniversary Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas last Friday, being reintroduced as gay, especially with only a few seconds devoted to doing so.

He says that instead of suddenly reintroducing a character who already had displayed heterosexual tendencies (he had displayed interest in Uhura) in the original series, the present scriptwriters should have introduced a new LGBT character.

In the same convention, William Shatner, the original Captain Kirk, dropped a bomb on Saturday when he said that the actual reason for the survival of Star Trek was Star Wars, two franchises which have been traditional enemies.

Star Trek did come out a decade before Star Wars, but after its third season in 1969 it was shelved by NBC for what was then thought to be forever. It seems it was much ahead of its time.

With the release of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, and the new interest in sci-fi, however, Paramount Studios woke up to the potential, and Star Trek: The Motion Picture, debuted in 1979.

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