Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Gets Certified With Superior Charging Technology, Recent Leak Shows Dual Curved Display, Release Date Rumors

We are waiting for Xiaomi, the Chinese phone manufacturer, to unveil the long gossiped-about Mi Note 2, a leaked photo that was recently made available shows the product might live up to the expectations of consumers. The leaked image of the handset shows a smooth metal bodied smartphone. It also has a curved display which makes it a good competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Xiaomi was rumored to be working on a new smartphone with a wrap-around display. The recent spy image showed that the Mi Note 2 has a curved screen, making it unnervingly similar to the very recently unveiled Galaxy Note 7. Samsung was the pioneering company for the phablet category of smartphones.

After inventing the phablet and introducing it into the market, it was subjected to a lot of criticism. However it has gone on to become the most successful smartphone series on the planet. The company has incessantly tried to bring more and more innovative products and ideas into the smartphone industry, the latest of which being the curved display.

Although initially these curved edge smartphones had a few stumbles, now these have gone on to become quite the success. Samsung has also added a few features like edge notification, edge quick controls and more, making the curved edge much more useful than it ever was before.

Popularly known as the Apple of China, Xiaomi is known for its best value for money smartphones in the market. The company provides high-quality smartphones at affordable prices, which also bear a resemblance to the products of Apple, the Cupertino giant. This is what has earned Xiaomi its above-mentioned nickname.

According to techno buffalo, the Mi Note 2 may come in two different variants. One being a single flat-screened model and another being a high-end curved model. It is advisable for Chinese shoppers who prefer the traditional slab design to wait for Xiaomi’s handset.

When it comes to specs, it is being said that Xiaomi’s new smartphone might also beat Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7. Both the devices are expected to offer a 5.7-inch Quad HD display. However in comparison to Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 could offer 6 GB of RAM as opposed to Samsung’s 4GB RAM enabled Galaxy Note 7.

It was previously rumored, according to IBTimes, that Xiaomi’s Mi Note 2 would in all probability be launched simultaneously alongside the Redmi Note 4 in July. However it’s August now and the phone is yet to be released. Only this time, analyst Pan Jiutang of Gizmo China claims that an inside source has confirmed that the handset shall be coming out in a few weeks.

Hence it is being speculated that the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will be out within the second week of August. However, there is no guarantee that the phone will be released beyond the borders of the Chinese markets. As of now the price of the phone is speculatively estimated to be around 2,499 yuan, that is roughly $375, but its price has not yet been officially confirmed.

Some of the other features that the phone might contain is that along with a 5.6-inch fill HD display there is also going to be 12MP rear camera or a 16 MP, depending on the version of the phone. Along with an internal storage option starting at 32 GB, it will also feature a brand new Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 SoC processor.

The Xiaomi Mi Note 2 will also be packed with a 4000 mAh battery, which shall ensure superior and longer battery life that will last for hours. According to a 3C certification website, it will come packed with a superior charging tech.