Ryan Murphy Tribute Video For Victims Of Orlando Tragedy, 49 Artists Come Together To Create Awareness, Demand For Stricter Firearm Restriction

An 18-minute tribute video has been directed by Emmy Award winning director Ryan Murphy. He collaborated with Ned Martel along with colleagues from Ryan Murphy Television to pay tribute to the victims of the Orlando Tragedy. It’s been 51 days since the shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando that took the lives of 49 LGBTQ and allied people.

The feature sees 49 actors, directors and other famous figures from the world of entertainment coming out and retelling the individual stories of those killed in the deadliest incident of mass shooting in the history of the country.

The tribute video is going to be aired on Logo TV at three separate times. It will premiere on Saturday midnight EST and then again on Sunday evening, and then finally at 11 pm EST on Sunday.

The Orlando mass shooting showed the world how scary hate could be. The incident has become a symbol of the deadly anti-LGBTQ movement that is rampant, and how easy access to weapons in the country can lead to devastating consequences. Pulse was celebrating Latin night when the shooter started firing.

The Human Rights Campaign has released the tribute video to show the world that there is a significant number of people who are standing strong behind the families of the victims and survivors of the Orlando shooting. The HRC has also appealed to the viewers of the tribute video to extend their support to those affected by the incident.

After the Orlando shooting, the HRC saw a large number of social activists coming forward to speak out about the laws. There have been petitions to urge the politicians to create legislation that would protect the LGBTQ community from the hatred shown towards them. The Congress has been urged to establish protection for the LGBTQ in fifty states through the Equality Act.

The Equality Bill might not have prevented the Orlando shooting, but it would have ensured that there is no veil on the anti-LGBT feeling. The states continue to allow legal discrimination against the LGBTQ community, and this effectively provides acceptance of hate crimes against the community.

HRC has also decided to work on gun control measures. This will include limiting access to assault firearms and expanded background checks for those purchasing assault weapons. There also needs to be a tighter restriction on firearm access to those who have a history of domestic violence. This would be the first time that the HRC has worked on gun ownership reforms.

The USA has also seen a significant number of mass shootings. The massive death toll in Orlando got the citizens of the country talking about the resolution to pass a common-sense gun violence prevention legislation that will make sure that Americans are safe in every community.

The tribute video by Ryan Murphy shows that each of the 49 people who were shot dead in Orlando meant something to someone. Each of them had dreams and hopes, but all were shattered because of a single person’s hatred towards them.

Murphy had been deeply moved by the Orlando tragedy and had wanted to help keep the memories of the victims alive. He said that he wanted to drive home awareness of both the LGBTQ community and gun violence.

The hatred for the community together with the rise in gun violence was responsible for claiming the lives of so many innocent individuals, and he wanted to do whatever he could to spread awareness.