Stanton Reveals How the Idea of Finding Dory Was Conceived, Pixar Meets Their Matchin Hank’s Character, And More

Since Finding Dory is a movie that celebrates Dory’s acceptance of her disability, and the cinematographers made sure that Dory was always the focus of the audience as she experienced new adventures.

For instance, in the scene where Dory is dropped into a tank the film has been shot in such a manner that the viewer finds himself in the tank with Dory and is then taken out of it to show the scene from afar.

The scene where Dory was first placed into the Marine Life Institute was completed after 13 months and took 146 takes and 18 artists to create and complete it with perfection. The story board for Finding Dory took three and a half years to be completed. While in Finding Nemo the struggles were external, in Finding Dory, Dory has to struggle with internal problems of memory loss.

Finding Dory begins when Dory starts to remember bits and pieces of her past, which was hinted at in Finding Nemo. Nemo offers to help her find her family much to the shock of his father, Marlin.

Marlin has already travelled across the ocean and he doesn’t want to go through the experience again. However, Marlin knows how it feels to lose one’s family and decides to help her out and then starts the great adventure.

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