Stanton Reveals How the Idea of Finding Dory Was Conceived, Pixar Meets Their Matchin Hank’s Character, And More

Finding Nemo has found a special place in the heart of all animated film lovers and even after ten years of its release,Finding Nemo is the most successful film released by Pixar. Fans have been wondering when the popular film will come out with its sequel and finally the sequel to Finding Nemo, Finding Dory will be coming to theatres on the 17th of June.

Gizmodo reported that director/ writer Andrew Stanton had never thought he will ever be working on the sequel to Finding Nemo. He felt that the story was over and everything that he had to say about it was done.

However, everyone knows about the mysterious ways in which the brain works. Around 2010 Stanton got thinking about Dory and couldn’t stop wondering how she would get back home if she got lost.

Stanton realized that Dory did not have the ability to trace her way back home where she has a wonderful family and he knew that he had unknowingly created a tragic figure who had a story to share.

Stanton while dealing with journalists during the briefing session of Finding Dory, didn’t let out any secrets that would spoil the magic of the movie for the cine-goers. The journalists were treated to 20 minutes of the film footage which included the initial 13 minutes of the upcoming film. The film starts on a sad note and sets the tone for the tragic figure of Dory.

Most of the filming took place inside an aquarium and there are some funny visuals including one where Hank the Octopus talks to Dory from a sink. Preparing a character is difficult but what becomes a challenge is creating a character who has memory loss.

Angus McLane the co-director of Finding Dory said that the biggest challenge of the film was dealing with Dory’s short term memory loss. She tends to keep forgetting, so it becomes difficult to communicate what she feels and what she knows with the audience.

Dory was initially created as a support character and so it was hard to make her the main character in Finding Dory. Dory tends to put the spotlight on other characters and this became a problem. Stanton said for the scene where Hank is moving Dory through the pool, the octopus tends to become the one in charge while Dory relegates into the background.

Finding Dory will not show a lot of Marlin and Nemo since they are back at Marine Life Institute. Dory has come out of that place and is on her own since that was the aspect the filmmakers wanted to focus on. The film is full of flash backs, only that they are not really flashbacks, since they are Dory suddenly remembering things from the past that had slipped from her mind.

The other character that is going to play a major role in finding Dory is Hank. According to Popsugar, Hank’s character was animated in a technique that had never been tried in the past. It took a long collaboration between the art and animation department to get his tentacles right.

Hank took a year to be completed and the tank scene took 6 months to create. Pixar pointed out that animation of Hank was the toughest that the studio has ever produced. Since they placed Hank’s mouth at the bottom of his face, making it invisible, they had to put a lot of expression on his eyes on brows.