Several Old Characters Reprising Their Roles in Independence Day: Resurgence, Will Earth Survive Against a Bigger Alien Fleet? And More

It has been twenty years since the blockbuster Independence Day was released. Now once again Earth faces an alien attack and Independence Day: Resurgence is back to deal with it. Independence Day: Resurgence begins with the Earth Space Defense Program that uses technology that was taken from the alien forces when they had previously attacked.

The alien technology along with the military technology has created a warning system that informs beforehand about the advent of extraterrestrial creatures. However, nothing can prepare humanity for the advanced and gigantic force that the aliens will unleash on planet Earth. Given that the aliens are not pleased with the way that they have been treated, the world will be pushed to the brink of extension.

The trailer shows that the aliens that have remained back on Earth had sent a distress signal, which foretells of a huge fleet of aliens coming to rescue them while destroying the complete human race. There is a scene which shows Bill Pullman’s Whitmore being attacked by an alien which grips the presidents throat and declares that someone has arrived.

Patricia the President’s daughter enquires why the alien is screaming to which Brackish Okun (Brent Spiner), a scientist tells her that aren’t screaming. They are celebrating because their species is sending a large battle fleet to destroy humanity. There are images of cities destructed by these aliens. The alien fleet that is shown is larger than the previous ones and is more advanced.

Games Radar has pointed out that one of the best scenes of Independence Day was when Brackish Okun had informed the President that the alien wants the human race to die, it is only right that in Independence Day: Resurgence Okun is the one to give the bad news that the aliens are rejoicing because the backup is approaching.

Liam Hemsworth who is set to play the role of a fighter pilot in Independence Day: Resurgence had spoken about the film to Men’s Fitness. He said that he was six or seven years old when Independence Day had released and he was sitting there watching it.

It is one of the most iconic films to be made and he is happy and excited to play a role in its sequel. The film will not see Will Smith reprising the role of Captain Steven Hiller, but Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pulman and several others, will be back to reprise their original roles.

Independence Day: Resurgence will be directed by Ronald Emmerich. Liam Hemsworth revealed that he has always been a fan of his work and his humbled to have the opportunity to work with him in his current project. Emmerich is knows to be a master in world-ending genre and given his skills, Independence Day: Resurgence is sure to be a grand success.

Independence Day: Resurgence will receive the Ensemble of the Universe Award at the annual National Association of Theatre Owners. The event will see Hemsworth, Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman, Jessie Usher, Maika Monroe, Vivica A. Fox and others in attendance.

Mitch Neuhauser, Managing Director of Cinema Con, said that Independence Day: Resurgence is going to thrill the audience when it hits movie theatres this summer and there are a lot of talented faces who are coming together for the film.

According to Enstarz, Bill Pullman will not be the President this time around. He is reprising his original role and will play the part of former president Thomas J. Whitmore. He has left active political life and is living in the country side.