Several Old Characters Reprising Their Roles in Independence Day: Resurgence, Will Earth Survive Against a Bigger Alien Fleet? And More

Pullman talks about his character and reveals that he is now at home in Virginia leading a quiet life, while his daughter played by Mika Monroe is the one who has a more active life.

The President this time around will be a lady called President Lanford. She will be a part of the Earth Space Defense Program, but will not be as actively involved in fighting the aliens as Whitmore was.

Sela Ward who is going to play the role of President Lanford said that things are going to be different this time round, since they have to take into account major events like the climate change and the terrorist attacks that have changed the world and its people.

The world is now all about using the money for the defense and climate protection by neglecting the other things in the country. The people are weary, they have seen long violent and traumatic events and they are no longer caught by surprise. Ward says that the world is better prepared and this is projected in the film.

However, the aliens have also advanced and as the trailer reveals even with better technology, the world doesn’t look like it is ready to tackle the sheer proportion of the alien fleet that has unleashed chaos.

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