Square Enix Starts Pre-Orders For Final Fantasy XV, Releases A Mobile Game, And An Anime, Season Pass For Additional Features Available

Final Fantasy XV isn’t going to end with 30th September release. Given the hype surrounding the game, the players are sure that the game is going to be enhanced with additional features and content. These are likely to be made available through the Season passes. The Season Passes for Final Fantasy XV are expected to be out already, and listings at PlayStation stores reveal three story modes apart from additional features and packs.

The fans of Final Fantasy have been desperate to know what’s in store for them in Final Fantasy XV and there a host of screenshots from the game that have appeared online. MS Power User reported that the images were from the Japanese magazine Famitsu.

The images might not reveal much about the upcoming game, but it has surely gone ahead to make it evident that Square Enix has worked hard to make the game look good.

Keeping the mind the hype surrounding the Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix has released an anime, Brotherhood that will explore the bonds between the main characters of the game. Square Enix had teamed up with A-1 Pictures, an animation studio to work on the anime and had released their first episode in March. There are a total of five episodes that have been worked on. The story of Brotherhood is going to follow the adventures of Prince Noctis Lucis and his band of brothers.

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