Square Enix Starts Pre-Orders For Final Fantasy XV, Releases A Mobile Game, And An Anime, Season Pass For Additional Features Available

Final Fantasy XV is finally going to launch in the next month. Before the much-awaited game can be released, Square Enix is going to reveal its Mobius Final Fantasy. This game is already available on the Android and iOS platform. Final Fantasy fans are excited since the Mobius Final Fantasy looks to have combined the elements of a game on a mobile device with the features of a console game.

Square Enix had revealed that Yoshinori Kitase and Kazushige Nojima are going to be a part of Mobius Final Fantasy. These two were also responsible for Final Fantasy VII, which happens to be the most iconic game of the franchise. The producer and the writer for the Final Fantasy mobile game spoke out about their experience.

According to Verge, Yoshinori Kitase revealed that it is not the graphics in Mobius Final Fantasy that makes the game a part of the Final Fantasy franchise. He said that they have been in talks about coming out with a mobile game for the Final Fantasy franchise and that this was when they thought of the story that is depicted in Mobius Final Fantasy.

Mobius Final Fantasy starts off with a character who wakes up on a strange island along with a group of other men who are equally confused about where they are. The men are all naked. Upon deliberating on their presence in this strange island, they realize that they could be one of the prophesied saviors of the realm.

This is when the game play starts, where they start on their journey to try and become the hero that helps save the mysterious island. The young men are led by a voice called Vox. The players who have played Final Fantasy games previously will start recognizing elements that are common in the franchise.

The players get character classes on black mage and onion king; they also encounter creatures like moogles. While the characters are similar to those present in Final Fantasy XII, the icons are from the past games and have been created by Yoshitaka Amano. While Mobius Final Fantasy has elements that are similar to Final Fantasy games, it doesn’t play like the other games from the franchise.

The focus in Mobius is in the touch with the primary focus on the combat and the character customization. The players cannot explore the vast game world, but have to go along a prescribed path set for them.

Each step sees them facing a battle which they have to tackle to move forward. The combat in Mobius Final Fantasy contains elements from the different iconic battles in the franchise.

Final Fantasy XV is going to be out on the 30th of September and Square Enix has opened pre-orders for the same, which has given a huge boost to their revenue. With the stock getting sold out with pre-orders alone, Square Enix can get a real picture of how the game is going to fare from the retail shelves after 30th September.

Reports suggest that given the manner in which the pre-orders have been going on, there is a chance that Square-Enix will earn something close to $260 million profit from Final Fantasy XV. The development for the upcoming game has been in progress for over a decade, and the developers are now expecting something great from Final Fantasy XV.